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We know how difficult the decision about leaving your dog while you're away can be.  Why not give us a call to discuss any concerns you may have?  Or even pay us a visit and take a look around?  During your call or your visit, be sure to mention anything that concerns you about leaving your dog.  All staff are fully experienced with looking after diabetic and epileptic dogs and cats.  We do not take risks with the health of our boarders, we seek the very best of veterinary attention whenever the need arises - for which we request your permission on checking in your dog.  We have a great deal of experience and can often help, advise and reassure you about your dog's accommodation.  

We are:

· Open all year round
· Viewing welcome
· Short & Long term stays
· Collection & Delivery
· High quality diets, top food brands used
· Fully stocked shop for all your pet's needs
· Competitive Rates

We are closed to the General Public for collection and delivery of your pet on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.


What Should I Expect from a Good Boarding Kennels?

· They should look and smell clean
· Bedding should be clean and comfortable
· They should be dry and draught-free with a source of heating
· All dogs should have access to an outside exercise area during daylight hours
· The resident dogs should look cheerful and interested, with no sense that they feel threatened either by the situation or other dogs
· Water should be available always
· Whilst there will probably be an explosion of barking when you arrive, this should subside fairly soon
· Vaccinations should be insisted on; whatever the current debate about vaccination this is the only way that you can be sure that your dog is protected in a strange environment
· Food and feeding regimes should reflect what the dog is accustomed to at home
· Owners should be encouraged to bring toys for their dogs; gundogs, especially, like to have something to carry around
· Details of the owner, the dog's health and his vet should be taken, together with a contact number for the boarding period
· The Boarding Kennel should be happy to administer any medication, but make sure you bring sufficient supplies, measures and instructions.
· Hours of opening, prices and how the charges are applied should be quite clear. There is no excuse for finding that your boarding fee has been boosted by a range of extras. 
· It is reasonable to expect that your dogs are insured for the duration of their stay, but check on benefits and limitations and whether you are expected to pay extra for this.

Check how well the Boarding Kennels staff know their boarders and about dogs in general; ask some leading questions about dogs you can see - name, age, what is the breed like in general so you can get a picture of their competence and knowledge.


All our facilities have been specifically designed to maximise the care and attention that we give to your pets ranging from the provision of individual menus and the facility to administer medications that you require for your pet.

We pay fanatical attention to cleanliness and the kennels and catteries are maintained to the hygienic and comfortable standard that makes us proud and you and your pets happy and secure.

We only use SAFE4 products on our premises. SAFE4 Disinfectant range is chosen by Hospitals, Veterinary Surgeons, Top Breeders, Animal Charities and Sanctuaries, Zoos, Kennels & Catteries.

Six good reasons for using SAFE4:

SAFE4 does NOT contain harmful Phenols, Aldehydes or Alcohol.

SAFE4 in working dilution has Neutral PH of approximately 7.6.

There is no need to sluice away with water after application and can be brought in direct contact with animals whilst still wet saving you valuable time which can be better spent caring.

SAFE4 is Non-toxic, Non-corrosive, Non-staining, Non-tainting and Non-irritant at all working dilutions.

SAFE4 is kind on the environment being water based and Biodegradable.

SAFE4 is manufactured in the United Kingdom and efficacy tested by recognised UK Laboratories.


Each dog is individually kennelled and exercised. If requested, those dogs owed by the same person can share a kennel.


Each cat is kept on its own in a cattery. If requested, those cats owed by the same person can share a cattery.


Some of the animals we cater for are listed below, but if you have a different one just give us a call. We can then check if we have got suitable facilities available to look after them properly.


Guinea Pig





Discounts are available for multiple pets and shared occupancy.

When Should I Start Boarding Him?

Try and start boarding when the dog is young, say six months or so. This will make kennels a perfectly natural experience for him, just another new thing in his life. Leave it until he is five or six years and it will be much more difficult, and don't think about boarding an elderly dog for the first time. He won't understand and will be utterly desolate.

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We provide transport boxes for your pet and the transportation of your pet can be arranged.

We provide the services of a professional groomer.

We have a fully operational pet shop and you can find everything you need!